I have been making liturgical incense for many years. Each of my 6 blends is made according to strict requirements from a compound of 5 or 6 imported ingredients.

Over the years I have developed a unique process for blending Arabian frankincense with selected resins, aromatic oils and spices and created superior quality recipes for a range of incenses.


Boardman&Ross BRAND's owner has been serving Catholic congregation's in a variety ministries for more than 60 years. Our Alter Hosts are 5.75" and are made with pure white flour and spring water. All packaging is clearly labeled as a product of David Kemler, LLC in Largo, Florida and are made for us in Poland. The Crucifix Embossing (created by David Kemler) is done in Largo, FL and all hosts are packaged minutes after the embossing process.

Boardman&Ross BRAND Alter Hosts are slightly thicker, contains more wheat, feature clear exclusive custom designed crucifix embossing and are guaranteed fresh for 6 months.