The owner of Bordman&Ross BRAND products and David Kemler, LLC is a practicing catholic. In his early years he attended catholic school. In his senior year of high school, he heard the calling to become a Franciscan Brother. So, at age 18, he was accepted into the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, O.F.M. Cap. David was the youngest Brother at that time in the Order.

He was placed in the monastery of SS. Peter and Paul in Cumberland, MD. The church founded by St. John Newman.

While he was in training, not only did he study theology and Latin, the language of the Mass in those days, but was assigned to work in the host room, baking alter and communion hosts and also the wood shop where he made crucifixes. He became quite good at making Processional Crosses as well.

A highlight and the hours he enjoyed most were Liturgy of the Hours, especially Vespers.

After being encouraged to leave the monastery and return to finish his last year in high school, he continued to say the Liturgy of the Hours.

Today, his "ministry" is to create original church resin incense, alter hosts and on occasion, processional crosses. 

As for the Liturgy of the Hours? Yes, he still prays them when ever possible and of course attends mass on Sunday's.